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Feel Good

A social impact peer-to-peer based finding service. We are currently working on a first version of iFynd. Sign up for early access!

How it works

process 1

1. Find it

A connected world of finding
process 2

2. Return it

Returning items home not to landfill
process 3

3. Get Rewards

A rewarding experience for people and the planet

a Partner

We are building a network of future facing influencers and brands to join our marketplace. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can make a difference with iFynd, then please leave your details.

What they are saying

“It was easy to understand the iFynd vision and exciting impact it could have very quickly across the UK”

Vicky Hunter 
Entrepreneur Engagement Manager – South West 

“We are in the market to make finding the perfect home effortless so it makes sense to work with iFynd to do the same for lost items”

Dan Jefferies  
Founder and CEO

“A great idea for us and stuff our passengers leave behind”


Chris Tabone

“We’re in the business of exceptional experiences so a partnership with iFynd will benefit us and our guests!”

Emily Bruce-Watt

“iFynd’s new marketing channel is a perfectly timed feel-good solution for our breakfast in a bottle”

Chris Laidlaw

“Harnessing the power of community to solve the problem of lost and found makes so much sense. Congratulations iFynd”

Benoit Reiller