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The global lost and found network

iFynd is a free-to-use global platform connecting finders, belongings and owners to solve the problem of lost & found in the smartest, safest and most sustainable way.

1. List

Snap a photo of your fynd to list it quickly and anonymously - iFynd keeps your personal details and location private.

2. Match

Watch your fynd match with its owner, let iFynd setup a convenient retrieval and claim your reward.

3. Smile

Tag belongings with your iFynd ID and smile more with iFynders from all around the world helping save the planet!

"The iFynd service is amazing, I love the personalised and sustainable stickers that were sent to me when I signed up."


London, United Kingdom

"I received a notification from iFynd that I had left my passport at the airport coffee shop. Thank you iFynd for helping me catch my flight!"


Vancouver, Canada

"I left my dissertation journal somewhere on campus so declared it lost on iFynd and had it back that same day!"


"Just wanted to say an extra thank you for finding Amelia's teddy bear as it is irreplaceable to her and we can all enjoy a good sleep tonight."


Brisbane, Australia

"I found a mobile on the train and didn't know who to hand it to so reported it on iFynd and got a match, it felt great to know I helped."


Durham, United Kingom

"I signed up for iFynd before this trip and I was so impressed as I dropped our BnB keys somewhere today only to be notified they were at the boulongerie minutes later. Tres magnifique!"


Leon, France

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Kudos from brands we love

“It is easy to understand the iFynd vision and exciting impact it could have very quickly across the UK and more.”

Vicky Hunter

Entrepreneur Engagement Manager



“We help students find the perfect home, so iFynd is a brilliant way for us to reach more students and show them how much we care.”

Dan Jefferies

Founder & CEO



“A Koda Sail can take you anywhere so relying on iFynd to seamlessly deal with left behind items makes perfect holiday sense.”

Chris Tabone




“I founded Air Peace of Mind to give holiday makers exceptional stays, so iFynd is great way to make sure our guests get back anything they leave behind.”

Emily Bruce-Watt




“People are overjoyed when they are reunited with lost belongings so making a donation to say thank you is a great way to act on that good feeling.”

Laurence Guinness

Chief Executive



“Harnessing the power of community to solve the problem of lost and found once and for all makes so much sense. Congratulations iFynd!”

Benoit Reiller




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