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The finer details of the service

iFynd turns lost into found wherever you go.
We're always listening so if you can't find what you're looking for then contact us.

If someone finds an item of mine, how am I reunited with the item?
You will receive a notification from iFynd saying that an item of yours has been found. You can then accept or decline the retrieval and choose whether you would like to collect it from a safe location or have it delivered to you. iFynders can easily keep track of lost & found cases in your dashboard. Don't have an iFynd? Become an iFynder.
What is a 'fynd'?
A 'fynd' is a case of lost or found that is in play or been resolved with iFynd.
How safe is this service?
iFynd's is a secure proprietary platform that hosts the safe exchange of information between finder and owner. iFynd verifies iFynders and recommends local hotspots as safe places for iFynders.
Do items need an iFynd ID to be found?
Including an iFynd ID on an item can mean getting it back even faster, but any item can be reported as found if it doesn't have an iFynd ID also. eg. a dog running across a busy road, a room pass on a footpath, a child's glove in a park are all important to someone so simply letting us know and moving on makes a difference.
Must I have an iFynd ID to use iFynd?
You can use iFynd as a guest or as an iFynder. You must be a verified iFynder to declare lost items. Don't have an iFynd? Become an iFynder.
How accurate is iFynd?
We work closely with our friends at what3words so any item can be found and reunited using the most accurate 3 meter location, worldwide.
Do I need to be a student to sign up to the free version?
iFynd is committed to solving the problem of lost and found for Generation Z in their lifetime and so we work closely with student audiences and the brands that serve them. However iFynd is free for all people - any age, every location, without discrimination or bias.
Do I have 16 or over to use iFynd?
In order to use the iFynd services and access any content you need to be 16 years of age or older or have parent or guardian consent if you are a minor. Just enter your eligibility via the tick box when registering your details on the Become an iFynder page.
What can be used as an iFynd ID?
The username you choose becomes your iFynd ID and can be used to anonymise your personal information for a lifetime. You can use it to tell the world something you want to say about you by making it funny, cool, cryptic or geeky, but make it something you can be proud of now and in the future. We do not accept words that promote cruelty, discrimiation, judgment of others or offence. If your iFynd is unacceptable you will be notified by us so you can change it. An iFynd ID can be up to 26 characters including letters, words or numbers, separated by the hyphen.
My iFynd
How long will it take to receive my iFynd Merchandise?
Our standard delivery for personalised orders is 4-7 days.
What is the 'Always Free Shipping' I pay for my free Starter Pack?
Always Free Shipping is a one off charge of £3.99. This gives you free shipping on all iFynd merchandise for life. Opting into AFS also opens up access to a £12.99 personalised Starter Pack - our gift to you - so you can tag the things you never want to lose.
How do I get a Starter Pack for free?
When you opt in to Always Free Shipping (£3.99 pay only once), iFynd will send you the Starter Pack (a multipack of 24 personalised all-purpose stickers and sign for your door or desk, normally £12.99), for free.
I need more stickers, how can I get more?
The Multi Pack or iFynd Minis can be purchased in the iFynd Shop.
Can I change my iFynd?
If you would like a different iFynd ID or to have more than one iFynd, it's as easy as signing up again. We recommend linking your iFynd IDs using the check box in the sign up form. Want a new iFynd ID? Become an iFynder.
How do I write my iFynd ID?
The iFynd is written in letters, words or numbers (max 26 characters) separated by a hyphen and written: Your iFynd ID can be printed on customized stickers and tags or written, stamped, embossed, even engraved.
Can I invite friends to join iFynd?
You certainly can and it's super easy to do as often as you wish. Just head to the Refer a Friend button on your iFynd dashboard. Each time a referred friend signs up, you both get an entry in the monthly prize drawer.
What is the monthly prize drawer?
The more you share the more chances you have to win as prizes from brands we love drop throughout the month. Fynd also gives away a year Spotify Premium every month to an iFynder. Winners announced last day of each month by email and on your dashboard.
I have found an item, where should I leave it?
You can quickly and anonymously register any found item using the Found Something? button on the iFynd home page. iFynd suggests local hotspots convenient to you as safe places to drop found items or you can just tell us where you saw something and keep moving. If you want to keep the item with you we can also collect it from you. If both finder and owner agree to meet, you can also meet up.
Am I legally responsible for the item I found?
A person, retailer or institution are not legally responsible for found items. iFynd recommends that items found within a retail store should registered by the finder on iFynd then given to an official representative and not taken beyond the store boundary. Items handed to a retailer are moved on after 48 hours and upcycled should the owner deny the 'fynd'. Finders are notified of denied or unclaimed finds.
How am I rewarded for a find?
iFynd makes finding a rewarding experience for both finder and owner. We reward finders for participating in a 'fynd' and when a 'fynd' is completed. You can choose from entry in the monthly prize drawer, gifted products from our partners, a donation to charity, iFynd merchandise, earn free retrievals, and even a thank you message form the owner.
What does a partnership with iFynd do for my brand?
Claim your brand name as an iFynd ID then share your story with iFynders worldwide with free content on social media, email news, our monthly prize drop and banners in the user dashboard function. We will also create co-branded stickers which you can share with your loyal and new customers, promote your space as a safe local hotspot and champion your staff. Want to know more? Get iFynd Business.
I would like to partner with iFynd. What's the best way to get in touch?
iFynd partners with brands who share our love for people and the planet. Enter your details in the Partner With Us form on our home page and one of our team will be in touch with you.
How does iFynd work with its chosen partners?
A partnership with iFynd opens up a new marketing channel where you can connect free of charge with pre-qualified and select audiences. Our partnership licenses are tailor-made to your strategy each season. Our business model is designed to do the leg work for you, driving more customers to your door or e-store and gathering insights for your benefit from their engagement. Want to know more? Partner With Us.
I want to create an iFynd ID with my company branding. How does it work?
An iFynd Partnership is the simplest way to provide a feel good experience for you and your customers. Customers can be reminded of their experience with you in the most positive way with limited edition stickers which reflect their engagement or loyalty to your brand. iFynd provides an affiliate code so Starter Stickers are co-branded when your customers use it, supplies window d-cals to show you are a safe place for iFynders. Get iFynd Business.
Approved iFynd Businesses can become drop points for found property which shows customers that you care and you'll be helping save the planet. Hotspots are not left with items as iFynd moves on lost property within 48 hours.
Our Mission
About iFynd
Imagine a secure, global network dedicated to reuniting people with their possessions and reducing what goes to landfill. That's iFynd, a tech startup solving the problem of lost forever with social purpose and a sustainable approach.
What are the iFynd values?
iFynd solves the problem of lost and found in the smartest, safest and most sustainable way. Our founding values are:
  • Be kind
  • To make life better
  • For all people
We do not work with precincts, people or products that are cruel to animals, support human slavery, enhance the gender divide, discriminate, ignore bullying, contribute to addiction or ignore sustainable options.
What is the problem iFynd is solving?
Despite a decade of innovation, lost and found services are still slow, fragmented, poorly organised, and prone to security weaknesses. If you lose your passport at the airport, the lost and found paperwork quickly piles up, and before you know it, you’ve missed your flight. iFynd is harnessing the power of technology and community to solve the problem of lost and found once and for all, with a modern, mobile solution for everyone.
Why does iFynd work?
iFynd solves the problem of the interruption of lost items in our lives with a free-to-use global mobile solution that does not discriminate, cost or delay. Think of us like the Spotify of finding!
How big is this problem for the planet?
The cost to people and the planet of lost property is huge - emotionally, financially, environmentally - and it can be solved. The average person loses 300 items in a lifetime, and travellers leave behind over 2 million things whilst holidaying each year. And despite advances in technology, the stockpiling of unnecessary waste continues to grow outside our major cities. iFynd solves this big problem for all people so get on board! Become an iFynder.
Do people care about the environment that much?
Finding is our passion but we listen to our customers to stay aligned and relevant wherever possible. In a recent study at universities in the United Kingdom students rated climate change as the number one concern in life - greater than graduating, finding love and death. iFynders care about people and the planet, and know that every 'fynd' really will make a difference.
What is iFynd's position in the lost and found sector?
iFynd sits at the centre of the lost and found sector with a solution that can connect any found item - even other finding devices! - with owners in the smartest, safest and most sustinable way. Our aim is to be as Spotify is to music, AirBnB is to local accomodation, Uber is to shared rides, iFynd will be to finding. Want to be part of our future? Contact Us
What happens to unclaimed found items?
iFynd clears unclaimed or denied finds in partnership with some of the most trusted and innovative upcycle solutions and informs the finder of the outcome. Owners who claim finds have 72 hours to arrange a safe collection.
How does iFynd make money?
iFynd is designed for social impact and to benefit the green economy so our free service is just that - no hidden hitches and we are committed to always make iFynd available for all people. We also make money in the following ways:
  • £2 or 10% of the cost (whichever is greater) if you ask iFynd to fetch an item for you.
  • The sale of iFynd personalised stickers, tags and merchanside
  • iFynd for Business licensing. Get iFynd Business
  • Premium Services
Why is iFynd the future of finding?
iFynd connects the world of finding with a mulit-sided marketplace SaaS product solving a variety of problems for finders, owners and business. We work closely with some of the world's greatest brands to reach far reaching audiences who can use iFynd's economic empowerment platform for free, worldwide.

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